General Information

About the faculty
In 1948, with the formation of the Tajik State University, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics began to operate. In the first year of the department’s activity, only 14 students were enrolled in the mathematics department. The first teachers of this department, whose role in the training of highly qualified domestic specialists is extremely large, are Khristichenko P.I., Khodzhaev L.Sh., Berlinsky A.G., Kurtyakov S.Yu., Subkhankulov M.A., Mikhailov L.G. . and others.

In 1965, on the basis of the Department of Mathematics, the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was created, which included 4 departments – mathematical analysis, differential equations, applied mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics. In 1968, 3 new departments were added to the faculty – algebra and geometry, higher mathematics and mechanics. At that time, only 28 faculty members were involved in teaching, learning and research in the department. Currently, the faculty structure includes 9 departments and more than 100 teachers and staff.

The first dean of the newly created Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics was Professor Subkhankulov M.A. (1965-1967).

In 1967, Associate Professor S.N. Mukhtorov was appointed to the position of dean of the faculty, who held this position until 1980.

Later, the position of dean of the faculty was taken by D.M. Murtazoev. (1980-1982), Radzhabov N.R. (1982-1985), Gafurov N.G. (1985-1990), Malikov Kh.M. (1990-1995), Jobirov A.K. (1995-2000), Mustafakulov R. (2000-2007), Zokirov S.Kh. (2007-2008), Mirzoev S.Kh. (2008-2015) and Odinaev R.N. (2015-2022).

Since April 22, 2022, the dean of the faculty is I.L. Kosimov.

A number of faculty professors have achieved significant results in training doctors and candidates of science. For example, Professor Stetsenko V.Ya. During his scientific and pedagogical activities he trained almost 50 graduates. Professors Radzhabov N.R., Muhammadiev E.M., Shabozov M.Sh., Yunusi M.K., Komilien F.S. and Rakhmonov Z.Kh. each individually trained from 10 to 25 candidates of sciences, PhDs and doctors of science.

The faculty has full-time and correspondence departments. At the full-time department of the faculty, students are trained in 5 specialties – general mathematics, computer science, applied mathematics, mechanics, computer security, and at the part-time department – in 2 specialties – general mathematics and computer science.

Every year, talented graduates of the faculty are accepted on the basis of a competition to conduct research work in the departments of master’s, postgraduate, doctoral studies in the specialty (PhD) and doctoral studies of the university.

The faculty has created a council for the defense of dissertations for doctoral students in their specialty (PhD), graduate students and doctoral students of science, where from 2 to 6 applicants are defended annually.

Currently, the faculty has 5 prestigious scientific schools that train highly qualified scientific personnel for all scientific and educational institutions of the republic: schools of academicians N.R. Radjabov, M.Sh. Shabozov, Z.Kh. Rakhmonov, professors M.K. Yunusi. (deceased) and Komilien F.S.

Among the graduates of the faculty, there are also many people who worked and are working in responsible party and government positions, heads of scientific and educational institutions, banks, organizations and scientific and production institutions: Bobosodikova Guljakhan, Abdunazarov Khalik, Pulodov Pulod, Umarov Khabibullo were party leaders, Ilolov Makhmadsho, Shabozov Mergand, Dzhangibekov Gulkhodzha, Kurbanov Ikrom, Pulodov Pulod, Umarov Khabibullo, Komilien Faizali – rectors of higher vocational educational institutions, Ilolov Makhmadsho – president of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, Rakhmonov Zarullo – director of the Institute of Mathematics named after Academician A. Juraev of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic Tajikistan, Shabozov Mergand worked as deputy chairman of the Majlis of representatives of the National Majlis of Tajikistan, Radjabova L.N. – as chairman of the committee on science and youth policy of the Majlis of representatives of NMT, Shirinov Abdujabbor – as chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan, Jamshed Yusufiyon – as first deputy of NBT, Mirzoev Saylo – as executive director of the branch of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov in the city of Dushanbe.