Main subjects

Main subjects taught by departments of the faculty
Basic disciplines
Social and humanitarian module
Modern history of Tajikistan
Cultural studies
Political science
Law by specialty
Scientific religious studies
Language module
Tajik language by direction
Russian language by direction
Foreign languages by major
Natural Sciences and Information Technology Module
Information Technology
Geography of Tajikistan with basic demography
Profile disciplines
Basics of school mathematics
Analytic geometry
Algebra and number theory
Mathematical analysis
Linear algebra
Differential equations
Functional analysis and integral equations
Probability theory and mathematical statistics
Methods of teaching mathematics
Basics of geometry
Theory of Economics
Module of special disciplines
Special courses
Elective discipline section
Module of disciplines according to the choice of section 1
Module of disciplines according to the choice of section 2
Practice section
Educational practice
Teaching practice
Undergraduate practice
Module of elective disciplines section 1
Ethics and aesthetics
civil defense
Module of elective disciplines section 2
Module of selective subjects of the general professional section
Computers and programming
Theoretical mechanics
Module of selected subjects of the profile section
Discrete mathematics and mathematical logic
Theory of analytic functions
Additional chapters on function theory
Partial differential equations
Differential geometry and topology
Variational calculations and optimization methods
Mathematical modeling of real systems
Special course on methods of teaching mathematics
Numerical methods
Additional chapters on algebra and number theory
Additional chapters on partial differential equations
Additional chapters on elementary mathematics